Seminars & Talks

Seminars & Talks


I am more than happy in arranging tailored packages in regards to holding talks to private groups / corporate groups / schools / aging society bodies /  and more. Each talk lasts for approximately 1 hour and can always be extended as required. 


Seminar talks and plans include, but are not limited to the following;


  • Healing and rejuvenation

  • Children's nutrition 

  • Weight loss

  • Energy plans

  • Positive gut-brain plans 

  • Easy starter plans

  • Memory boosting plans

  • Female reproductive plans

  • Personalized male organ plans

  • A talk on the journey throughout the organs 

  • Protection of the heart plans 

  • Liver detox plans

  • Anti inflammation plans 

  • Allergy testing 

  • Benefits of the ancient remedies 

  • Plan to boost immunity 

  • Aging individuals - increase and rebuild plans 

  • Motivational food and mind plans 

  • Foods to help you quit smoking and heal 

  • Foods to help you stop craving sugar

  • Kill migraines for good by balancing hormones

  • Manage depression - drink and supplement plans 

  • Nutrition for animals

  • Day 1 overcoming depression and anxiety talk by CBT specialist Alison Fitzgerald

  • Day 1 - Overcoming Stress - Stress Manager - Denise Flanagan

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