Holistic Nutritionist


Yvonne Heavey

Jersey based holistic nutritionist, health writer, speaker and

provides extensive knowledge on dietary Supplements.

Yvonne passionately believes in the healing power of nature and works with an integrative approach to healthcare which incorporates the whole person. Her work is about educating,

guiding and empowering her clients – to tap into their own innate healing abilities.

How can I help you?

Contact me if you have any of the following symptoms: 


• achy joints

• symptoms of ADD

• brittle, peeling nails

• dry, dull, hair

• cold intolerance symptoms

• constipation

• cracked skin on heels

• eczema, dry scaly skin

• excessive thirst

• gastrointestinal problems

• hypertension

• irregular bowel movements

• irritability

• low concentration/brain fog

• depression or anxiety

• learning disability

• lowered immunity

• low body weight

• poor memory

• poor wound healing

• weakness and lack of energy


I have worked with a vast number of clients on treating the above-mentioned symptoms within weeks, I will also endeavour to assist you on any health issues that cause you concern! Please note - I am not a Doctor so any advice or comments I give must be followed by the advice of a Doctor. I do not have any cures for cancers or conditions that doctors deal with I mainly deal with helping people lead a healthier life and manage conditions. 


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Darren C - Triathlete, London

"I am a triathlete and a vegan so nutrition is very important to me. Without Yvonne I

would not have achieved half of my goals, my performance times have all improved. I

never could have done it without her!"